also spelled  Taimyr , or  Tajmyr , also called  Dolgano-Nenets 

      former autonomous okrug (district), northeastern central Russia. In 2007 Taymyr was subsumed under Krasnoyarsk kray (territory). It lies on the hilly Taymyr Peninsula, the most northerly part of the Eurasian continent, and extends south to the northern edge of the Central Siberian Plateau. The area includes the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago in the high Arctic. The climate is exceptionally severe, with prolonged, bitter winters. Almost everywhere is a tundra of mosses, lichens, and bog. The harsh conditions and remoteness are faced by only a very small population, composed mainly of Russians, Dolgans, Nenets, Ukrainians, and Nganasans. Reindeer herding, hunting, fishing, and fur farming are their principal economic activities. There are two urban settlements— Dudinka, the capital of the former district, and Dikson, a small port at the mouth of the Gulf of Yenisey. Nordvik, on the Gulf of Khatanga, where salt is obtained, is a main port. Area 332,850 square miles (862,100 square km). Pop. (2002) 39,786.

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