Tatishchev, Vasily Nikitich

Tatishchev, Vasily Nikitich

▪ Russian historian
born April 19 [April 29, New Style], 1686, Pskov, Russia
died July 15 [July 26], 1750, Boldino, near Moscow

      Russian economic administrator and historian who was the first to produce a comprehensive Russian history.

      Tatishchev joined the army in 1704 and took part in the siege of Narva and the Battle of Poltava (1709). He spent much of his life as a government administrator of various mining and manufacturing enterprises. Tatishchev managed to collect much historical and geographic data on Russia during his wide-ranging travels through Germany, Sweden, and eastern Russia as a state cartographer.

      Tatishchev's great work, the Istoriya Rossiyskaya s samikh drevneyshikh vremyon, 5 vol. (1768–1848; History of Russia from the Most Early Times), relied on sources that have since to a great extent disappeared. It amassed a great volume of data based on original sources and was a pioneering work in its attempt to depict the development of the Russian state as the result of geographic and historical circumstances rather than as a result of divine providence.

      Tatishchev is also known as the founder of the city of Yekaterinburg. He served as the governor of Astrakhan between 1741 and 1745.

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