Sonnino, Sidney, Barone

Sonnino, Sidney, Barone

▪ Italian statesman
born March 11, 1847, Pisa [now in Italy]
died Nov. 24, 1922, Rome

      Italian statesman who as foreign minister promoted his country's entrance into World War I. He was also prime minister in 1906 and 1909–10.

      Having joined the diplomatic service in the 1860s shortly after the formation of a united Italy, Sonnino left it to devote time to political, social, and economic studies of Italian life. These studies led in 1876 to an important work on conditions in Sicily (La Sicilia nel 1876 [1877]) and in 1878 to his founding of a weekly economic review, La Rassegna Settimanale, that he later converted into a political daily. When he was elected deputy in 1880, his knowledge of Italian economic affairs brought him first the post of undersecretary of the treasury and later, in the midst of a financial crisis in 1893, that of finance minister. His energetic measures, including imposition of taxes by decree, averted possible national bankruptcy, but the military disaster of the Battle of Adwa in Ethiopia brought the fall of the cabinet, and for many years he was a leader of the conservative parliamentary opposition. For brief periods in 1906 and 1909–10 he served as prime minister, in which role he proved to be unable to conciliate parliament.

      In November 1914 Sonnino became foreign minister in the cabinet of Antonio Salandra (Salandra, Antonio). He plunged into negotiations aimed at completing Italian unification by the acquisition of territories still held by Austria-Hungary. When he found that Austria would not meet Italian aspirations, he switched to negotiating with the Allies, and, on their acceptance of his demands, he successfully urged his government to declare war, even though parliament was not in session. Sonnino remained at the Foreign Office throughout the war, despite changing ministries. In the closing months of the war and at the Versailles Peace Conference he was dismayed by the failure of the Allies, notably of the United States, to grant all of Italy's aims and by the cost of the war, which had exceeded his expectations. On the fall of the cabinet of Vittorio Emanuele Orlando in June 1919 he retired to private life.

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