Sohlman, August

Sohlman, August

▪ Swedish journalist
in full  Per August Ferdinand Sohlman  
born May 24, 1824, Närke, Sweden
died July 5, 1874, Stockholm

      journalist and publicist who was a leading figure in the mid-19th-century Pan-Scandinavian movement and a champion of the cultural and linguistic integrity of the Swedish minority in Russian-ruled Finland.

      As a journalist, Sohlman wrote for a number of the leading newspapers of Sweden and was editor of the influential Stockholm daily Aftonbladet from 1857 until the year of his death. He supported the Pan-Scandinavian movement that arose in the 1840s with the struggle between Danish and German nationalists in the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein, and he did so not only in his writings but also as a Swedish volunteer in the Schleswig War (1848–50) against the German separatists. The movement gained in intensity, particularly among the Swedes, during the Crimean War (1854–56), when it seemed likely that Russia might be forced to return Finland to Sweden as part of an international settlement. Sohlman countered a growing Finnish nationalist movement that favoured the Finnish language and literature by stressing the cultural and racial superiority of the Swedes and their language. He argued that it was not in the interests of Finland as a whole for the Swedish-speaking leaders of the Finnish nationalist movement to foster the development of Finnish over Swedish or to favour the maintenance of Russian rule over Finland. Sohlman's arguments inspired many of the Swede-Finn nationalist ideologists of later decades.

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