former town, one of the six major pottery centres of ancient Japan, located in southern Shiga ken (prefecture), east of Kyōto and southeast of Nara. The wares for which the town is known were first produced in 1278; they have a crude shape and an oatmeal-like surface covered with various glazes. Water urns, seed jars, and bottles were produced for daily use by the farming community. Shigaraki bowls and jars have been used as utensils in the cha-no-yu (tea ceremony) since 1520. Modern factories produce imitations of the blue splash Kwangtung stoneware of China. Agricultural products of the area include rice, mandarin oranges, tea, and timber. A physical-science research institute is located there. In 2004 the town of Shigaraki merged with surrounding communities to form the city of Kōka. Pop. (2005) Kōka city, 93,853.

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