Shiga Naoya

Shiga Naoya

▪ Japanese writer

born Feb. 20, 1883, Ishinomaki, Japan
died Oct. 21, 1971, Tokyo

      Japanese fiction writer, a master stylist whose intuitive delicacy and conciseness have been epitomized as the “Shiga style.”

      Born into an aristocratic samurai family, Shiga was taken by his parents to live with his paternal grandparents in Tokyo in 1885. In his youth he was influenced by the Christian educator Uchimura Kanzō, but Christianity itself made little lasting impression on him. After graduating from the Peers School in 1906, he entered the department of English literature at Tokyo Imperial University but left after two years without graduating. In 1910 he joined Mushanokōji Saneatsu, Arishima Takeo, Satomi Ton, and other friends of his Peers School days in founding the journal Shirakaba (“White Birch”), which gave rise to an important Japanese literary movement emphasizing individualism and Tolstoyan humanitarianism. The movement lasted until the early 1920s, but Shiga found its idealism incompatible with his more realistic approach to literature and moved away from the group. Through the years he refined his objective style, perceptively delineating the most sensitive reactions of his characters with subtle simplicity. He engaged in little abstract speculation, concentrating instead on a concrete, unsentimental depiction. Spurts of literary activity, which brought him a reputation as a fine short-story writer, were separated by long periods of inactivity, and he never earned a living from his writing.

      Much of Shiga's fiction is concerned with difficult family relationships, and his concern with the psychological involvements of his first-person heroes places some of his stories in the category of shishōsetsu (“I,” or autobiographical, fiction). Both the story Wakai (1917; “Reconciliation”) and his masterpiece, the long novel An'ya kōro (written in two parts between 1921 and 1937; A Dark Night's Passing), describe the hero's search for peace of mind in the face of family and personal conflict. The short story “Kinosaki nite” (1917; “At Kinosaki”) is a fine example of his sensitive, unsentimental treatment of his own state of mind. His writing career virtually ended with the completion of An'ya kōro.

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