also called  Sastise  

      North American Indian peoples that spoke related languages of Hokan (Hokan languages) stock and lived in the highlands of what is now interior northern California, in the basins of the Upper Klamath, the Scott, and the Shasta rivers. Their main subdivisions were the Shasta, New River Shasta, Konomihu, and Okwanuchu. Formerly included with the Shastan but now often classified separately are the Achomawi and Atsugewi.

      Traditional Shastan life was similar to but more difficult than that of the neighbouring Yurok, as Shastan villages were generally confined to narrow ridges of canyons, and their food supply was less plentiful. Like the Yurok and Karok, the Shastan subsisted largely on acorns and salmon and traded with other northern California Indians (California Indian), using such currency as dentalium shells and scarlet woodpecker scalps. Shastan villages, dwellings, and communal sweat houses were similar to those of other tribes in the region, though Shastan men were inclined to put up their own individual sweat houses in addition to the communal structure. Shastan religion centred on guardian spirits (guardian spirit) and shamanism.

      Early 21st-century population estimates indicated some 1,000 individuals of Shastan descent.

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