Qilian Mountains

Qilian Mountains

▪ mountains, China
Chinese (Pinyin)  Qilian Shan , or  (Wade-Giles romanization)  Ch'i-lien Shan , also called  Nan Shan 

      rugged mountain range on the border of Qinghai (Tsinghai) and Gansu provinces, west-central china. Glaciers cover an area of about 760 square miles (1,970 square km) and contain some 23 cubic miles (95 cubic km) of ice. This vast ice reservoir is the most important water source for agricultural, industrial, and public use in the Hexi (Gansu) corridor to the north and the Qaidam Basin to the south. The mountains rise to 19,000 feet (5,800 metres), and most peaks exceed 13,000 feet (4,000 metres). Snow covers the mountain tops, livestock herds graze in the well-watered valleys. Impassable throughout, the range forms the southern border of the Hexi corridor, the historic route from eastern China to Central Asia.

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