Peoples Temple

Peoples Temple

▪ religious group
      religious community led by Jim Jones (Jones, Jim) (1931–78) that came to international attention after some 900 of its members died at their compound, Jonestown, in Guyana, in a massive act of murder-suicide on November 18, 1978.

      Jones began the Peoples Temple informally in the 1950s as an independent congregation in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was inspired by the ideal of a just society that could overcome the evils of racism and poverty. Although Jones was white, he attracted mostly African Americans to the group with his vision of an integrated congregation. In 1960 the Peoples Temple affiliated with the Christian Church ( Disciples of Christ), and four years later Jones was ordained. In 1965 he warned of a nuclear holocaust and led the movement to Ukiah, California, where members became active in both Protestant ecumenical circles and state politics. Branch congregations opened in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and an agricultural settlement, Jonestown, was founded in 1974.

      Jones's “apostolic socialism” was influenced by the Marxist “ liberation theology” popular among Latin American clergy at the time. He mixed social concerns with faith healing and an enthusiastic worship style drawn from the black church. He also invited members to live communally in an effort to realize his utopian ideal. Meanwhile, the church was accused in the press of financial fraud, physical mistreatment of members, and abuse of children in its care. In 1977 Jones led hundreds of the group's members to Guyana.

      A year later, Concerned Relatives, a group of ex-members, convinced Leo J. Ryan, a U.S. congressman from California, to visit Jonestown. The visit apparently went well. However, for reasons still not completely understood, Ryan and those accompanying him were murdered when they reached the airport to return to the United States. Shortly thereafter, most of the residents joined together in a mass rite of murder-suicide in which they were either shot or took poison. The members of the group who had remained in California later formally disbanded.

      Following the tragedy at Jonestown, the Peoples Temple was identified as a “cult,” and Jones was depicted by the media as the epitome of an evil cult leader. Although numerous scholarly and popular studies of Jonestown have been written, the effort to understand the group and the tragedy continues. Congress has yet to release the files from its investigation of Ryan's death.

John Gordon Melton

Additional Reading
John R. Hall, Gone from the Promised Land: Jonestown in American Cultural History (1987, reissued 1989); and Mary McCormick Maaga, Hearing the Voices of Jonestown (1998), are two of the better studies of Jonestown and the Peoples Temple.

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