Palaeologus family

Palaeologus family

▪ Byzantine family
Palaeologus also spelled  Palaiologos 

      Byzantine family that became prominent in the 11th century, the members of which married into the imperial houses of Comnenus, Ducas, and Angelus. Michael VIII Palaeologus, emperor at Nicaea in 1259, founded the dynasty of the Palaeologi in Constantinople in 1261. His son Andronicus II (reigned 1282–1328) and his grandson Michael IX (died 1320) succeeded him as coemperors. Michael IX's son Andronicus III (1328–41) left the throne to his infant son John V (1341–91), whose rule was disputed by John VI Cantacuzenus (1347–54) and later by his grandson, John VII (1390). John V was succeeded, however, by his second son, Manuel II (1391–1425). John VIII (1425–48) was a son of Manuel II, and his brother Constantine XI (1449–53) became the last Byzantine emperor. Other brothers were Demetrius and Thomas, despots of the Morea until 1460. Thomas died at Rome in 1465; his daughter Zoë married Ivan III of Russia. Another branch of the family, descended from Theodore, son of Andronicus II, held the marquisate of Montferrat from 1305 to 1533.

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