Nedim, Ahmed

Nedim, Ahmed

▪ Turkish poet
born 1681, Constantinople
died 1730, Constantinople

      one of the greatest lyric poets of Ottoman Turkish literature.

      The son of a judge, Nedim was brought up as a religious scholar and teacher and, winning the patronage of the grand vizier, Nevsheherli İbrahim Paşa, received an appointment as a librarian. Later, he became the Sultan's close friend—thus his name Nedim, meaning Boon Companion. He lived during the Tulip Age (Lâle Devri) of Ottoman history, in the reign of Sultan Ahmed III (1703–30), so called because a fad of tulip growing was one manifestation of the court's passion for beauty and pleasure during this unusually peaceful interlude in Ottoman history.

      Nedim's qaṣīdahs (“odes”) and ghazals (“lyrics”) are bright and colourful, and he excelled especially in the writing of charming and lively şarqıs (“songs”), which are still sung today. Filled with grace and joy, they are the perfect accompaniment to the exuberance of the Tulip Period. Nedim was a poet of the old school who freed himself from its fetters sufficiently to be able to express his personality and charm in an original way. His divan (collection of poems) exhibits his masterly handling of the language and accounts for his popularity. Nedim was killed during the religious and civil revolts against the frivolity of the court, which brought the Tulip Period to its close.

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