Nederburgh, Sebastian Cornelius

Nederburgh, Sebastian Cornelius

▪ Dutch statesman
born March 7, 1762, The Hague
died Aug. 3, 1811, 's-Gravezande, Neth.

      conservative Dutch statesman who was chiefly responsible for the Charter of 1801, or Nederburgh's Charter, which established Dutch colonial policy after the government's takeover of the Dutch East India Company.

      Nederburgh became a lawyer for the company in 1787. He went to Batavia (now Jakarta) and in 1791 was appointed governor general of the company, which was suffering financially. To save it, he proposed further economization and an increase in compulsory labour. He came into conflict with the progressive company official Dirk van Hogendorp (Hogendorp, Dirk van), whose ideas were exciting interest at the time.

      In 1801, when the Indies came under direct Dutch (Dutch East Indies) control, both men were called on to draw up a new charter for them. Nederburgh's ideas prevailed. The charter asserted that the colonies existed for the good of the mother country, prohibited free trade, and decreed that the colonies would be governed directly by a semi-autonomous native bureaucracy and indirectly by a Dutch bureaucracy. The charter called for the distinct separation of the executive, ruling branch, and the judiciary. The administration in Europe would be presided over by a Council for Asiatic Government. The charter indicated the main conservative trends in Dutch colonial policy that reappeared intermittently during the length of the Dutch stay in Indonesia.

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