National Botanic Gardens of South Africa

National Botanic Gardens of South Africa

garden, Kirstenbosch, South Africa
also called  Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens  

      one of the world's largest botanical gardens, occupying a 1,305-acre (528-hectare) site in Kirstenbosch, near Cape Town, Western Cape province, South Africa. The 6,200-species collection consists almost exclusively of Cape plants native to the fynbos (scrubland) and forests of southern Africa. The botanical garden was established in 1913. It includes such beautiful flowering plants as the protea and heather, an enormous number of flowering bulbs, and immense cycads (palmlike tropical plants). Conservatories house plants from all climatic regions. Three herbaria, with a total of about 300,000 specimens, are retained at Kirstenbosch.

      One of the main objectives of the National Botanical Institute of South Africa is to preserve endangered local plant species. Over the years the institution has acquired property in areas that have numerous specimens of plants that are in danger of becoming extinct. It has set aside eight such sites throughout South Africa as regional gardens or reserves. Karoo Botanic Garden at Worcester, for example, maintains more than 5,000 varieties, mostly South African succulents, and the Edith Stephens Cape Flats Flora Reserve specializes in flowering bulbs of the iris and lily families.

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