▪ king of Buganda
born 1866
died 1901

      the last independent kabaka (ruler) of the African kingdom of Buganda, whose short but turbulent reign included a massacre of Ganda Christians, spasmodic civil war, and finally an unsuccessful uprising against the British in which Mwanga had only limited support from his own people.

      Only 18 when he came to the throne in 1884, Mwanga was characterized as inexperienced and erratic. Unlike his father, Mutesa I, he saw the increasing number of Christian converts among his people, the Ganda, as a possible threat to his power; in 1885 he killed three young Ganda Christians and openly declared his opposition to missionaries. In 1886 he ordered the deaths of about 30 Ganda Christians, who were burned alive (see Martyrs of Uganda (Uganda, Martyrs of)).

      Meanwhile, a new ruling elite was developing, divided by religion into Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Muslim factions. In 1888 the Muslim party deposed Mwanga, and several years of instability and intermittent civil war followed. By the time Mwanga was able to regain his capital in early 1890 with the aid of the Christian parties, the Christian chiefs could successfully challenge the royal power. In the early 1890s the main conflict was between the Protestant (pro-British) and Roman Catholic (pro-French) parties, but Mwanga was in too precarious a position to mediate between them. In 1893 and 1894 he was forced to sign agreements putting Buganda under British protection, and by this time the Christian oligarchy had reduced his power to that of a constitutional monarch. In 1897 he rebelled against the British but received almost no support. Forced to flee, he died in exile.

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