multiple setting

multiple setting

also called  simultaneous setting , French  décor simultané 

      staging technique used in medieval drama, in which all the scenes were simultaneously in view, the various locales being represented by small booths known as mansions (mansion), or houses, arranged around an unlocalized acting area, or platea. To change scenes, actors simply moved from one mansion to another; by convention, the audience regarded the platea as part of the mansion in use and ignored the other booths.

      Multiple setting had its beginnings in liturgical drama, in which the performers, usually members of the clergy, indicated changes in scene by moving from place to place in the church. In the 12th century the plays were moved out of the churches into churchyards and marketplaces, and the settings became increasingly elaborate, with booths that quite graphically represented such locales as palaces, temples, city gates, and even ships at sea. Heaven and hell were represented by mansions at either end of the stage. The most elaborate and ingenious mansion was usually the hellmouth, a booth in the shape of a monster's jaws, from which smoke and fireworks issued and actors dressed as devils appeared.

      Multiple setting largely died out during the Renaissance, when dramas began to be acted in a unified setting amid scenery that was perspectivally drawn and movable. The technique of multiple setting was revived, however, for many plays in the 20th century. It can be extremely useful for simultaneous indoor-outdoor, upstairs-downstairs, geographically separated, and dream scenes. Multiple settings were used to great advantage in staging some of the important plays of Eugene O'Neill, Arthur Miller, and Tennessee Williams, and it is indispensable in small experimental venues and in low-budget theatre.

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