native inhabitants of the Chatham Islands of New Zealand. They are a Polynesian (Polynesian culture) people whose language and culture are related to those of the Maori. Scholars place their migration to the Chatham Islands from New Zealand in the early 16th century. Moriori tradition holds that the islands were initially populated by the Hamata, a mythical race descended from the gods. The Hamata acted as lawgivers and keepers of knowledge for the early settlers. The Moriori lived on fern root, eels, fish, karaka (Corynocarpus laevigatus) berries, and birds. Notably, they captured albatrosses by making perilous expeditions to the outlying rocks where the birds nested. The traditional clothing of the Moriori was of sealskin and coarsely woven flax. Estimated to number almost 2,000 when discovered in the late 18th century, they were easily conquered and enslaved by a party of Maori in 1835 and were gradually assimilated. Although the last person of strictly Moriori descent died in 1933, the group experienced a renaissance in the late 20th century as Moriori descendants pressed for political and cultural recognition. In the 2001 New Zealand census, almost 600 people identified themselves as Moriori.

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