Liu Zongyuan

Liu Zongyuan

▪ Chinese author
Wade-Giles romanization  Liu Tsung-yüan , courtesy name (zi)  Zihou 
born 773, Hedong [now Yongji], Shanxi province, China
died 819, Liuzhou, Guangxi province

      Chinese poet and prose writer who supported the movement to liberate writers from the highly formalized pianwen, the parallel prose style cultivated by the Chinese literati for nearly 1,000 years.

      A talented writer from his youth, Liu Zongyuan served as a government official for most of his life, acting with integrity and courage despite his politically motivated exile to minor positions in isolated regions of China. Liu joined the writer and poet Han Yu in condemning the artificialities and restrictions of the pianwen style and in urging a return to the simple and flexible classical prose style. In pursuit of this goal, Liu Zongyuan produced many examples of clear and charming prose and became reputed as one of the renowned “Eight Masters of Tang and Song.”

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