Le Gray, Gustave

Le Gray, Gustave

▪ French photographer
in full  Jean-Baptiste-Gustave Le Gray 
born Aug. 30, 1820, Villiers-le-Bel, France
died July 30, 1884, Cairo, Egypt

      French artist noted for his promotion and aesthetic handling of the paper negative in France.

      Le Gray, a former student of the painter Paul Delaroche (Delaroche, Paul), began to experiment with photography in 1847. He was among the first of the French painters to recognize the aesthetic potentials of the calotype. This process involved the use of paper for the negative, which was then waxed on the back side after development to make it more transparent and printed by chemical means. As an alternative to the glass plates used in the wet collodion process, the dry wax-paper negative was more practical for travelers. It could be prepared days in advance and could be developed days after the photograph was taken. It also allowed for differing colourations and produced a softer, more aesthetically pleasing result than did the glass negative. An influential teacher as well as a gifted calotypist, Le Gray trained a number of the most significant photographers of the time, including Olympe Aguado, Maxime Du Camp (Du Camp, Maxime), and Henri Le Secq. They all promoted the photograph as a means of artistic expression rather than as a mere record of actuality, as in the scientific approach.

      In 1851 Le Gray was part of the team assembled by the French Commission of Historical Monuments to make a photographic inventory of French monuments; he worked with his student Mestral in Aquitaine and Touraine. He maintained portrait studios in Paris, and in 1857 he received a commission from Napoleon III to record the scenes at the new Châlons military camp. His most renowned images are views of the sea (the Normandy coast and the Mediterranean) and landscapes with trees (notably in the forest of Fontainebleu), in which he often achieved dramatic cloud effects by using a separate negative to photograph the sky; this was then combined with another negative during printing to produce a single image. His work received medals at various exhibitions and was shown at the Universal Expositions of 1855 and 1867, but he seems to have been unable to make a living in Paris. In May 1860, having dissolved his business ventures, he left France, both abandoning his family and escaping his creditors. By 1865, he had moved to Egypt, where he lived out the remainder of his life supporting himself by teaching drawing and painting.

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