Landau, Ezekiel

Landau, Ezekiel

▪ Polish rabbi
born Oct. 8, 1713, Opatów, Pol.
died April 29, 1793, Prague

      Polish rabbi, the learned author of a much-reprinted book on Jewish law (Halakha (Halakhah)).

      In 1734 Landau's reputation for learning led to his appointment as head of the rabbinical court at Brody, and in 1745 he became rabbi of Jampol, Podolia (then part of Poland). There he gained fame by his diplomacy in arbitrating the Emden–Eybeschütz (Emden, Jacob Israel) controversy (Rabbi Jacob Emden, a fiery opponent of religious unorthodoxy, had accused Rabbi Jonathan Eybeschütz (Eybeschütz, Jonathan) of dispensing heretical amulets). In 1755 he went to Prague as rabbi and remained there until his death. His Halakhic decisions (responsa), collected under the title Nodaʿ be-Yehuda (“Known in Judah”), reveal Landau's fine analytical mind and careful scrutiny of sources.

      He was an implacable opponent of the two major currents of Judaism that arose in his generation: Ḥasidism (“Pious Ones”) and Haskala (“Enlightenment”). Ḥasidism, a mystical movement that valued joy and devotion in the service of God over learning, he opposed as sinfully ignorant; Haskala, a movement that encouraged assimilation as a means of ending prejudice and gaining civil rights for the Jews, he attacked as a threat to Jewish identity. Landau even went so far as to order the public burning of a famous Ḥasidic polemic, the Toledot Yaʿaqov Yosef (“History of Jacob Joseph”) of Jacob Joseph of Polonnoye (died about 1782).

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