Lakhmid Dynasty

Lakhmid Dynasty

▪ Arabian dynasty
      pre-Islāmic Bedouin tribal dynasty that aided Sāsānian Iran in its struggle with the Byzantine Empire and fostered early Arabic poetry.

      Centred at the Christian city of Al-Ḥīrah (Ḥīrah, al-), near present-day Al-Kūfah in southern Iraq, the Lakhmid kingdom originated in the late 3rd century AD and developed essentially as an Iranian vassal state. Gaining a voice in Iranian affairs under King al-Mundhir I (c. 418–462), who raised Bahrām V to the throne of the Sāsānian empire, the Lakhmids reached the height of their power in the 6th century, when al-Mundhir III (503–554) raided Byzantine Syria and challenged the pro-Byzantine Arab kingdom of Ghassān. His son ʿAmr ibn Hind (554–569) was patron of the pre-Islāmic Arabic poetry of Ṭarafah (Ṭarafah ibn al-ʿAbd) and others associated with Al-Muʿallaqāt (“The Suspended Odes”). The dynasty became extinct with the death, in 602, of an-Nuʿmān III, who was a Nestorian Christian.

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