Hamgyŏng Mountains

Hamgyŏng Mountains

▪ mountains, North Korea
Korean  Hamgyŏng-sanmaek 

      mountain range, northeastern North Korea. The range forms a watershed that separates the northern frontier area along the Chinese border from the eastern Sea of Japan (East Sea) area. The Hamgyŏng Mountains lie on the northeastern edge of the Kaema Highlands and stretch southwest to the Pujŏllyŏng Mountains and northeast almost to the Tumen River. Called the Korean Alps, they constitute the highest range of Korea, with 72 peaks rising higher than 6,600 feet (2,000 m). The highest is Kwanmo Peak (8,333 feet [2,540 m]); only Mount Paektu (9,022 feet [2,750 m]), on the border with China, is higher in peninsular Korea. There is an abundance of virgin forests. The mountains' eastern side forms a steep incline along the coast, and the rivers originating in the mountains and entering the Sea of Japan are short and swift.

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