gossamer-winged butterfly

gossamer-winged butterfly

      any of a group of small, often brightly coloured butterflies (order Lepidoptera) that includes several hundred species commonly called coppers, blues, hairstreaks, harvesters, and metal marks. All are small to medium-sized butterflies (wingspan 1–3 cm [0.4–1.2 inches]) that are agile and delicate. In males the upper-wing surfaces are usually brightly coloured and iridescent. The underwing patterns of both sexes are spotted or streaked and often have false eye-markings and trailing filaments on the hind wings that serve as decoys for predators. Their food plants include trees, shrubs, and annual legumes. The larvae of some species are carnivorous and may require a diet of aphids or ant larvae. The latter may be devoured while adult ants take secretions from special so-called milk glands on the butterfly larva.

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