Fuchun River

Fuchun River

Chinese (Pinyin)  Fuchun Jiang , or  (Wade-Giles romanization)  Fu-ch'un Chiang 

      river flowing through Zhejiang (Chekiang) province, southeastern china. The lower course and estuary, which discharge at Hangzhou into Hangzhou Bay, are called the Qiantang River. Above Hangzhou, as far as Tonglu, it is called the Fuchun River, and the section above Tonglu is known as the Tong River. Near Jiande the main river is formed by the junction of two separate river systems.

      The westerly system is the Xin'an River, which flows from southern Anhui province, where it rises in the Huang Mountains near Shexian. This tributary flows through deep, gorgelike valleys in the rugged, hilly country of the Anhui-Zhejiang border. In the late 1950s a dam and hydroelectric project was started (completed 1977) on the river near its confluence with the Fuchun, forming the large Xin'an River Reservoir.

      The southeastern region is drained by the Lan River. At Lanxi the Lan is formed by the junction of two rivers, the Jinhua River system, flowing from central Zhejiang to the east, and the Qu River, which drains the mountains of the Zhejiang-Jiangxi and Zhejiang-Fujian border areas.

      The Fuchun River system provides the major routes from the Hangzhou and Shanghai areas into inland Zhejiang, northern Fujian (Fukien), and Jiangxi (Kiangsi); it was the route by which Southeast China was largely colonized. The rivers themselves, however, are of limited use for navigation. Small steamers can travel as far as Tonglu, while river junks can reach Changshan (on the Qu River) and Jinhua (on the Jinhua River). The importance of the river for transportation has been greatly reduced since railways were constructed in the region.

      The mouth of the Fuchun River is famous for its tidal bore, sometimes as much as 20 feet (6 metres) high, caused by tidal action in the funnel-shaped Hangzhou Bay. The length of the Fuchun River is estimated to be about 240 miles (385 km), and its drainage area is estimated at some 16,455 square miles (42,620 square km).

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