Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum

Arabic  Al-matḥif Al-Miṣrī 
 museum of Egyptian antiquities in Cairo, founded in the 19th century by the French Egyptologist Auguste Mariette and housing the world's most valuable collection of its kind. The museum was founded in 1858 at Būlāq, moved to Giza, and moved to its present site in 1897–1902. It is unique in its presentation of the whole history of Egyptian civilization, especially of antiquities of the Pharaonic and Greco-Roman periods. The more than 100,000 items in the museum include some 1,700 items from the tomb of Tutankhamen, including the solid-gold mask that covered the pharaoh's head (see photograph—>. Other treasures include reliefs, sarcophaguses, papyri, funerary art and the contents of various tombs (including that of Queen Hetepheres), jewelry, ornaments of all kinds, and other objects. There is a block statue of Queen Hetepheres, one of the earliest examples of its type, and also a black granite sculpture of Queen Nefertiti. A sculpture of Amenhotep II shows him as the god Tenen, and there are also two granite figures of Queen Hatshepsut and colossal figures of Amenhotep IV from Karnak.

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