Duchenne, Guillaume-Benjamin-Amand

Duchenne, Guillaume-Benjamin-Amand

▪ French physician
born Sept. 17, 1806, Boulogne, Fr.
died Sept. 15, 1875, Paris

      French neurologist, who was first to describe several nervous and muscular disorders and, in developing medical treatment for them, created electrodiagnosis and electrotherapy.

      During his lifelong private practice in Boulogne (1831–42) and Paris (1842–75), he explored the effects of electrical stimulation on diseased nerves and muscles. He rendered the first accounts of several types of muscular atrophy and paralysis caused by nerve disorders, including (1858) tabes dorsalis, or locomotor ataxia, a muscular atrophy caused by a degeneration of the dorsal columns of the spinal cord and sensory nerve trunks. In the 1860s he described severe progressive muscle weakness in 13 young boys, a condition that was later named Duchenne muscular dystrophy. His invention of an instrument (now known as Duchenne's trocar) to remove small portions of tissue located deep in the body founded the diagnostic practice of biopsy. His best-known writings are De l'électrisation localisée (1855) and Physiologie des mouvements (1867).

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