Dogra dynasty

Dogra dynasty

      Rajput clan, or group of clans, in the Kashmir region of the northwestern Indian subcontinent. They form the chief, or mian, portion of Rajputs of the territory centred on Jammu (lying north of what is now Lahore, Pakistan, roughly between the Chenab (Chenāb River) and Ravi (Rāvi River) rivers). They attained prominence in the 19th century. There had long been a small state of Jammu, but after 1780 it became tributary to the Sikhs. Gulab Singh distinguished himself in the service of the Sikhs and was made raja of Jammu in 1820, which was the beginning of the Dogra dynasty. He expanded to the north, annexing the Ladakh and Baltistan areas.

      In the First Sikh War (Sikh Wars) (1845–46), Singh held aloof and then appeared as a mediator. As a reward, Kashmir (annexed by the Sikhs in 1819) was given to him by the British for a cash payment. The population of the Vale of Kashmir (Kashmir, Vale of) itself was, apart from a Brahman minority, predominantly Muslim. In 1947 Hari Singh, the great-grandson of Gulab Singh, faced with an incursion of Pashtuns from Pakistan, acceded to union with India, and this territory became the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

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