demotic script

demotic script

      Egyptian hieroglyphic writing of cursive form that was used in handwritten texts from the early 7th century BC until the 5th century AD. Demotic script derived from the earlier pictographic hieroglyphic inscriptions and the cursive hieratic script, and it began to replace hieratic writing during the reign of Psamtik I (664–610 BC). By the 5th century BC, demotic script had come into use everywhere in Egypt for business and literary purposes, although hieratic remained in use for religious texts. The demotic script began to be displaced by Greek during the Ptolemaic period (304–30 BC), but hieratic graffiti left by the priests of Isis at Philae date from as late as AD 452.

      The term demotic is also used for the everyday form of any language that has developed alternative (“high” versus “low”) levels of expression, such as in Greek (Greek language) and Arabic (Arabic language).

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