Daud Khan, Mohammad

Daud Khan, Mohammad

▪ prime minister of Afghanistan
born July 18, 1909, Kabul, Afghanistan
died April 27, 1978, Kabul

      Afghan politician who overthrew the monarchy of Mohammad Zahir Shah (Zahir Shah, Mohammad) in 1973 to establish Afghanistan as a republic. He served as the country's president from 1973 to 1978.

      Educated in Kabul and France, Daud Khan, a cousin and brother-in-law of Zahir Shah, pursued a career in the military. He rose to command an army corps in 1939 and held the post of minister of defense from 1946 to 1953. As prime minister (1953–63) he instituted educational and social reforms and implemented a pro-Soviet policy. He was also an advocate of Pashtun irredentism, the creation of a greater “Pashtunistan” in Pashtun areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. This caused the relationship between the two countries to deteriorate and eventually led to Daud Khan's resignation. His overt participation in politics was severely curbed in 1964 when a new constitution barred members of the royal family from holding political office.

      On July 17, 1973, Daud Khan led a coup that overthrew Zahir Shah. He declared Afghanistan a republic with himself as president. Once in power, Daud Khan sought to suppress the left and lessen the country's dependence on the Soviet Union. On April 27, 1978, however, he was killed in a coup that brought to power a communist government under Nur Mohammad Taraki (Taraki, Nur Mohammad).

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