▪ archbishop of Athens
original name  George Papandreou  
born March 3, 1891, Dhorvitsiá, Greece
died May 20, 1949, Athens
 archbishop of Athens and regent of Greece during the civil war of 1944–46, under whose regency came a period of political reconstruction. He was a private in the army during the Balkan Wars (1912) and was ordained priest in 1917.

      In 1922 Damaskinos became bishop of Corinth, and in 1938 he was elected archbishop of Athens. His election was voided by Premier John Metaxas (Metaxas, Ioannis) because of his opposition to Metaxas' regime, and Bishop Chrysanthos of Trebizond was appointed instead. Damaskinos was exiled but then recalled in July 1941, after Greece had been occupied by the Germans during World War II, to replace Chrysanthos. As archbishop, he opposed the German occupation and urged the concealment of Jews to save them from the Nazis. (Nazi Party)

      On Dec. 31, 1944, during the civil war initiated by the communist-controlled guerrilla forces after the Germans left, Damaskinos was appointed regent with the permission of King George II, then in exile. His integrity and impartiality made him the only person available for this position who was acceptable to all parties. During the subsequent 16 months of political crisis, Damaskinos appointed five premiers, and, in October 1945, he formed an interim cabinet. He resigned as regent on Sept. 28, 1946, four days after the Greeks voted for the restoration of the monarchy. Thereafter, he devoted himself to his archiepiscopal duties.

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