also spelled  Ciokwe,  or  Cokwe,  also called  Bajokwe,  or  Badjok, 

      Bantu-speaking people who inhabit the southern part of Congo (Kinshasa) from the Kwango River to the Lualaba; northeastern Angola; and, since 1920, the northwestern corner of Zambia. They live in woodland savanna intersected with strips of rainforest along the rivers, swamps, and marshlands. They are a mixture of many aboriginal peoples and conquering groups of Lunda origin. The Chokwe language belongs to the Benue-Congo branch of the Niger-Congo languages. At the end of the 20th century the Chokwe numbered about 1,300,000.

      Among the northern Chokwe, hunting is very important, and there are privileged corporations of hunters. Hoe cultivation overrides hunting among the southern Chokwe, the staple crops being cassava, peanuts (groundnuts), yams, millet, beans, and corn (maize); the southern Chokwe of Angola keep some cattle.

      The political structure of the Chokwe seems to range from tributary chiefdoms to autonomous village groups. Villages are compact and arranged into compounds; square huts or circular grasshouses are grouped in circles around a central meetinghouse.

      Descent is reckoned through the female line, although young married couples go to live with the husband's family. Polygyny is restricted to the chiefly and wealthy classes. Circumcision of boys, the use of initiation masks, and elaborate girls' initiation rites occur throughout the area. The Chokwe are exceptional craftsmen; plaiting, pottery, basketry, ironwork, and the carving of masks, statues, and stools are highly developed.

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