Bohemond IV

Bohemond IV

▪ prince of Antioch
byname  Bohemond the One-Eyed , French  Bohemond le Borgne 
born c. 1175
died 1233

      count of Tripoli (1187–1233) and prince of Antioch (1201–16, 1219–33).

      The younger son of Bohemond III and Orguilleuse, he became count of Tripoli in 1187 and succeeded his father in the principality of Antioch to the exclusion of his nephew Raymond Ruben in 1201. In 1216 Raymond seized control while Bohemond was off in Tripoli, but he was deposed in 1219 and died the following year. Bohemond reigned in Antioch and Tripoli until his own death.

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