Bernstorff, J.H.E., Count von

Bernstorff, J.H.E., Count von

▪ Danish statesman
in full  Johann Hartwig Ernst, Count von Bernstorff 
born May 13, 1712, Hannover, Hanover [Germany]
died Feb. 18, 1772, Holstein

      Danish statesman who as foreign minister preserved Denmark's neutrality during the Seven Years' War and strengthened the rights of the Danish crown against Russia in the duchy of Holstein.

      Bernstorff was introduced into the Danish diplomatic service in 1733 by relatives holding ministerial appointments under King Christian VI. His first post was as Danish envoy to Saxony, where he remained until he was appointed ambassador to France in 1744. In 1751 he became foreign minister, and for the next 19 years his opinion was decisive in the Danish council of state. His most important accomplishment, for which he was created a count, was his negotiation of a treaty (April 1767) with the empress Catherine II of Russia whereby Catherine renounced certain of her claims to parts of the duchy of Holstein. With the accession (1766) of the mentally unstable Christian VII, however, Bernstorff's position became increasingly precarious; he was dismissed from office on Sept. 15, 1770, and retired to his estates in Holstein.

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