Balliol family

Balliol family

▪ British family
also spelled  Baliol  

      medieval family that played an important part in the history of Scotland and came originally to England from Bailleul (Somme) in Normandy. Guy de Balliol already possessed lands in Northumberland and elsewhere during the reign of William II of England (1087–1100). Guy's nephew and successor, Bernard (d. c. 1167) built Barnard Castle and was the first of his family to receive lands in Scotland. He fought against David I of Scotland at Northallerton in 1138 and with King Stephen was captured by Matilda at Lincoln in 1141. His son Bernard (d. c. 1190) was present at the capture of King William I of Scotland at Alnwick in 1174. A descendant, Hugh (d. 1228), supported King John against the baronial party in England in 1215–16.

 Hugh's son and successor John (Balliol, John de) (d. 1268) married in 1233 Dervorguilla, daughter of Alan, the last “Celtic” lord of Galloway, and also an heiress of King William I of Scotland. His descendants were therefore able to have royal pretensions. John served (1251–55) as guardian of the young Scottish king Alexander III. His loyalty to King Henry III of England in the Barons' War (1264–67, against rebellious nobles led by Simon de Montfort, earl of Leicester) cost him the temporary loss of his lands and a period of imprisonment after his capture in the Battle of Lewes (May 14, 1264). About that time (perhaps in 1263) he began to support several students at Oxford, apparently as penance for a quarrel with the Bishop of Durham. After his death, his widow completed his endowment of scholars, and their house was formally chartered as Balliol College in 1282.

       John was succeeded in turn by his three sons, Hugh (d. 1271), Alexander (d. 1278), and John de Balliol (John). This last son, John, established the Scottish royal house of Balliol, which, however, lasted only a generation, ending with the resignation of John's son Edward.

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