Baldwin III

Baldwin III

▪ king of Jerusalem
born 1129
died February 10, 1163, Beirut, kingdom of Jerusalem [now in Lebanon]

      king of the Crusader state of Jerusalem (1143–63), military leader whose reputation among his contemporaries earned him the title of “ideal king.”

      The son of King Fulk of Jerusalem (reigned 1131–43) and Melisende (the daughter of Fulk's predecessor, Baldwin II), Baldwin III and his mother were corulers from 1143 to 1151. During the period of their joint rule, the Latin colonies in Palestine were weakened by the failed Second Crusade from the West (1148).

      In 1152 Baldwin, following his assumption of sole rule, had to suppress a civil war that broke out between his supporters and those of his mother. He intervened frequently in the affairs of the Christian states of Tripoli and Antioch and captured Ascalon from the Egyptian Fāṭimids in August 1153, but he failed to prevent the capture of Damascus by the Muslim leader Nureddin the following year. In 1158 Baldwin married Theodora Comnenus, niece of the Byzantine emperor Manuel I Comnenus. He and Manuel planned a joint attack against Nureddin, but it failed to materialize.

      Baldwin III was highly respected by his contemporaries. Well-educated, he imposed his authority on his barons without resorting to force, and he avoided imposing oppressive taxes. His qualities gained him the love of his subjects and the esteem of his enemy Nureddin.

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