Amenemhet III

Amenemhet III

▪ king of Egypt
also called  Amenemmes III 
 king of ancient Egypt (Egypt, ancient) (reigned 1818–1770 BCE) of the 12th dynasty (Egypt, ancient), who brought Middle Kingdom (Egypt, ancient) Egypt (c. 1938–1630 BCE) to a peak of economic prosperity by completing a system to regulate the inflow of water into Lake Moeris (Moeris, Lake), in the Al-Fayyūm (Fayyūm, Al-) depression southwest of Cairo. The resulting stabilization of the water level also drained some of the marshes that had surrounded the old lake. As part of this great work, the labyrinth described by the Greek historian Herodotus was probably built nearby, south of one of Amenemhet's pyramids at Hawara, in Al-Fayyūm. It was probably a multifunctional building—palace, temple, town, and administrative centre. To celebrate the reclamation of 153,600 acres (62,200 hectares) of land for agricultural use, Amenemhet erected two colossi of himself nearby, also described by Herodotus. A second pyramid, located at Dahshūr, was built for his interment.

      Amenemhet also worked the turquoise mines at Sinai (Sinai Peninsula) with unprecedented intensity. Permanent quarters were erected for the miners, with wells nearby and fortifications to repel Bedouin raiders. A temple to the goddess Hathor was also built. Quarries throughout Egypt and Nubia, to the south, likewise were the site of much activity to support the king's building enterprises. Except for minor punitive raids, his reign was peaceful.

      In Nubia Amenemhet retained the empire won by his predecessors. Artifacts of his reign have been found from as far south as the Third Cataract of the Nile to as far northeast as Byblos, an important seaport in Lebanon, an indication of Egypt's primacy as a commercial power. His was the last long and successful reign of the 12th dynasty (Egypt, ancient) (1938–c. 1756 BCE).

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