Akan languages

Akan languages

      dialect cluster of the Nyo group within the Kwa (Kwa languages) branch of the Niger-Congo language (Niger-Congo languages) family. Its principal members are Asante (Ashanti), Fante (Fanti), Brong (Abron), and Akuapem. The Akan cluster is located primarily in southern Ghana, although many Brong speakers live in eastern Côte d'Ivoire. Altogether speakers of Akan dialects and languages number more than seven million. Written forms of Asante and Akuapem (both formerly considered to be Twi), as well as Fante, were developed in the 19th century.

      The term Akan is sometimes used inexactly to refer to other related Kwa languages located west of the Volta River, including Anyi, Baule, and Nzema. Although these peoples share cultural features, they do not constitute a single language or dialect cluster. The term Akan is increasingly being used by both linguists and official bodies—such as the government of Ghana—to refer to the dialect cluster described above. Akan (the Asante dialect) serves as a trade language in many parts of Ghana, and several million people use it as a second language.

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