▪ Ottoman sultan
in full  Abdülaziz Oglu Mahmud Ii  
born Feb. 9, 1830, Constantinople, Ottoman Empire [now Istanbul, Tur.]
died June 4, 1876, Constantinople
 Ottoman sultan (1861–76) who continued the westernizing reforms that had been initiated by his predecessors until 1871, after which his reign took an absolutist turn.

      Like his brother Abdülmecid I, whom he succeeded as sultan on June 25, 1861, Abdülaziz was an ardent admirer of the material progress in western Europe. Educated in the Ottoman tradition, however, he could not always accept the adoption of Western institutions and customs. Abdülaziz was a member of the Mawlawiyah (Mevlevi) order of dervishes (Muslim mystics).

      Between 1861 and 1871, reforms were continued under the leadership of Abdülaziz' able chief ministers, Fuad Paşa (Fuad Paşa, Mehmed) and Âli Paşa (Âli Paşa, Mehmed Emin). New administrative districts (vilayets) were set up (1864); on French advice a council of state was established (1868); public education was organized on the French model and a new university founded; and the first Ottoman civil code was promulgated. Abdülaziz cultivated good relations with France and Great Britain and was the first Ottoman sultan to visit western Europe.

      By 1871 Abdülaziz' ministers Âli and Fuad were dead, and France, his western European model, had been defeated by Germany. Abdülaziz, willful and headstrong, without powerful ministers to limit his authority, became the effective ruler and placed greater emphasis on the Islāmic character of the empire. In foreign policy, he turned to Russia for friendship, as turmoil in the Balkan provinces continued.

      When insurrection in Bosnia and Herzegovina spread to Bulgaria (1876), ill feeling mounted against Russia for its encouragement of the rebellions. The crop failure of 1873, the sultan's lavish expenditures, and the mounting public debt had also heightened public discontent. Abdülaziz was deposed by his ministers on May 30, 1876; his death a few days later was attributed to suicide.

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