Abd al-Wādid Dynastyʿ

Abd al-Wādid Dynastyʿ

▪ Berber dynasty
also called  Zayyānid Dynasty , or  Banū Zayyān 

      dynasty of Zanātah Berbers (1236–1550), successors to the Almohad empire in northwestern Algeria. In 1236 the Zanātahs, loyal vassals to the Almohads, gained the support of other Berber tribes and nomadic Arabs and set up a kingdom at Tilimsān ( Tlemcen), headed by the Zanātah amīr Yaghmurāsan (ruled 1236–83). Yaghmurāsan was able to maintain internal peace through the successful control of the rival Berber factions, and, in the face of the Marīnid threat in the west, he formed an alliance with the Sultan of Granada and the King of Castile.

      After his death, however, the Marīnid sultan Abū Yaʿqūb besieged Tilimsān for eight years (1298–1306). The city was finally taken in 1337 by Abū al-Ḥasan, and a 10-year period of Marīnid domination followed. Recaptured by the ʿAbd al-Wādids in 1348, Tilimsān was again stormed by the Marīnids in 1352, who ruled for another seven years.

      ʿAbd al-Wādid attempts at expansion eastward into Ḥafṣid Tunis also proved disastrous, and, for a time in the early 15th century, they were virtual vassals of the Ḥafṣid state. The kingdom's chronic weakness may be traced to its lack of geographical and cultural unity, the absence of fixed frontiers, and constant internal rebellions. It further suffered from a shortage of manpower, having to rely on intractable Arab nomads for soldiers. Its economic prosperity was based on the position of Tilimsān along the trade route between the Mediterranean ports and Saharan oases. The ʿAbd al-Wādid state collapsed in 1550, when Tilimsān was seized by the Ottoman Turks after a half century of alternating Spanish–Turkish suzerainty.

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