Chen Yifei

Chen Yifei
▪ 2006

      Chinese painter, film director, and entrepreneur (b. 1946, Ningbo, Zhejiang province, China—d. April 10, 2005, Shanghai, China), transitioned from a leading painter of the Cultural Revolution to a Western-style purveyor of lifestyle and fashion. Noted in China for his portraits of Mao Zedong and large canvases of major revolutionary events, Chen enjoyed great success there before studying in the United States. From 1980 to 1990 he blended Realist techniques with European Romanticism in paintings that featured traditional Chinese themes—colourful Tibetan landscapes and Chinese women in traditional dress—and won a following in the U.S. American industrialist Armand Hammer collected Chen's works and in 1983 presented one of them, Shuang qiao (“Twin Bridge”), to Chinese paramount leader Deng Xiaoping. After returning to China, Chen made documentary and feature films and developed successful fashion and design businesses.

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