septic arthritis

septic arthritis
Acute inflammation of one or more joints caused by infection.

Suppurative arthritis may follow certain bacterial infections; joints become swollen, hot, sore, and filled with pus, which erodes their cartilage, causing permanent damage if not promptly treated by giving antibiotics, draining the pus, and resting the joint. Nonsuppurative arthritis can accompany several diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi; joints become stiff, swollen, and painful to move. Treatment includes rest, drugs, and, in the case of tuberculosis, orthopedic care to prevent skeletal deformity.

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      acute inflammation of one or more joints (joint) caused by infection.In septic arthritis the joints are swollen, hot, sore, and pus-filled; the condition may occur following infection by such bacteria as Streptococcus, staphylococcus, pneumococcus, Gonococcus, or meningococcus. Pus produced in response to infection erodes articular cartilages; since articular cartilages have almost no regenerative capacity, permanent damage may result if treatment is delayed. Treatment includes antimicrobial drug therapy and drainage and rest of the joint.

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