respiratory therapy

respiratory therapy
Medical profession concerned with assisting the respiratory function of individuals who have severe lung disorders.

Practices include suctioning to clear secretions from the airway, use of aerosol mists (sometimes medicated) or gases to ease breathing, and tilting the body and chest percussion to promote drainage. A respiratory therapist also manages mechanical ventilation, a process in which a machine generates a controlled flow of a gas mixture into the airway of a patient who cannot breathe efficiently.

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also called  respiratory care 

      medical profession primarily concerned with assisting respiratory function of individuals with severe acute or chronic lung disease.

      One of the conditions frequently dealt with is obstruction of breathing passages, in which chest physiotherapy is used to facilitate clearing the airway of mucus or liquid secretion by suction. Chest percussion, performed manually or by means of a handheld percussor or vest, produces vibrations that help to loosen and mobilize secretions. Postural drainage is a technique in which the forces of gravity are used to promote the drainage of obstructing secretions.

       aerosol treatments are used to relieve bronchospasm and mucous membrane swelling and to mobilize secretions for easy removal. Water is a major therapeutic agent in bronchopulmonary disease and may be used in the form of cold steam, hot steam, or a fog (as in an oxygen tent or a croup tent). Aerosol humidifiers called nebulizers may be powered by compressor machinery or by a hand-squeezed bulb to project medication or water spray into the airway. Ultrasonic equipment may be used to propel very fine particles directly into the lungs, as in treatment of cystic fibrosis. Medications, such as bronchodilators, mucolytics, and antibiotics (antibiotic), can also be administered in an inhaled mist by means of an ultrasonic nebulizer.

      Therapy may involve the administration of gases for inhalation. oxygen may be administered in controlled amounts to assist laboured breathing. A mixture of helium and oxygen is used to treat some diseases of airway obstruction.

      In addition, respiratory therapists are experts in the setup, adjustment, and maintenance of mechanical ventilators.

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