Xia dynasty

Xia dynasty
or Hsia dynasty

(с 2070–с 1600 BC) Quasi-legendary first dynasty of China, preceding the Shang.

In Chinese histories it is said to have been founded by Yu and to have had 17 rulers. Archaeological sites in Henan and Shanxi provinces in northeastern and eastern China have been tentatively identified with Xia culture. See also Erlitou culture.

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▪ Chinese history

      (c. 2070–c. 1600 BC), early Chinese dynasty mentioned in legends. According to legend, the founder was Yu (Ta Yü), who was credited with having engineered the draining of the waters of a great flood (and who was later identified as a deified lord of the harvest). Yu allegedly made the rulership hereditary in his family, thereby founding the first imperial dynasty in China. Tradition gives the names of the dynasty's successive 16 rulers, ending with Jie, who is said to have fallen in love with a beautiful but evil woman, who acted cruelly. Outraged, the people, so the story goes, rose in rebellion, led by Zi Lü, who tradition says founded the Shang dynasty and is known as the Tang emperor.

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