dynastic /duy nas"tik/; Brit. also /di nas"tik/, dynastical, adj.dynastically, adv.
/duy"neuh stee/; Brit. also /din"euh stee/, n., pl. dynasties.
1. a sequence of rulers from the same family, stock, or group: the Ming dynasty.
2. the rule of such a sequence.
3. a series of members of a family who are distinguished for their success, wealth, etc.
[1425-75; late ME < LL dynastia < Gk dynasteia. See DYNAST, -Y3]

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(as used in expressions)
Abbasid dynasty
Konbaung dynasty
Ayyubid dynasty
Buyid dynasty
Buwayhid dynasty
Choson dynasty
Yi dynasty
FaTimid dynasty
Gurjara Pratihara dynasty
Hapsburg dynasty
Hafsid dynasty
Husaynid dynasty
Idrisid dynasty
Chin dynasty
Julio Claudian dynasty
Kalachuri dynasty
Karadjordjevic dynasty
Khwarezm Shah dynasty
Maktum dynasty
Mamluk dynasty
Mamluke dynasty
Marinid dynasty
Mogul dynasty
Nahyan dynasty
Toba dynasty
Obrenovic dynasty
Qajar dynasty
Ch'in dynasty
Manchu dynasty
Ch'ing dynasty
Saud dynasty
Sabah dynasty
Safavid dynasty
Sasanian dynasty
Sassanian dynasty
Seljuq dynasty
Saljuq dynasty
Yin dynasty
Sung dynasty
T'ang dynasty
Thani dynasty
Hsia dynasty
Mongol dynasty
Yüan dynasty
Chou dynasty

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