Winslow, Edward

Winslow, Edward
born Oct. 18, 1595, Droitwich, Worcestershire, Eng.
died May 8, 1655, at sea, near Jamaica, British West Indies

British-American colonist.

In 1620 he sailed on the Mayflower to New England, where he was a founder of the Plymouth colony. He served on the governor's council (1624–47) and was governor of the colony (1633–34, 1636–37, 1644–45). He traded with the Wampanoag Indians and won the friendship of their chief, Massasoit. As a commissioner of the United Colonies of New England, he often went to England to represent the interests of the Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth colonies. In 1646 he returned to England and held minor offices under Oliver Cromwell. He died aboard a ship on an expedition to the West Indies.

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▪ governor of Plymouth colony
born , Oct. 18, 1595, Droitwich, Worcestershire, Eng.
died May 8, 1655, at sea, near Jamaica, British West Indies
 English founder of the Plymouth colony in Massachusetts.

      In 1617 Winslow moved to Holland, where he united with John Robinson's church at Leiden, and in 1620 he was one of the Mayflower pilgrims who emigrated to New England. His first wife, Elizabeth (Barker) Winslow, died soon after their arrival at Plymouth. In May 1621 he married Mrs. Susanna White, the mother of Peregrine White (1620–1704), who was the first child born among the New England colonists. Winslow's marriage to Susanna White was the first in New England.

      Winslow was delegated by his associates to deal with the Indians in the vicinity (the Wampanoag) and succeeded in winning the friendship of their chief, Massasoit. He served as a member of the governor's council from 1624 to 1647, except in 1633–34, 1636–37, and 1644–45, when he was governor of the colony. In 1643 he was one of the commissioners of the United Colonies of New England and on several occasions was sent to England to represent the interests of the Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth colonies.

      In October 1646 he left on his last mission as the agent of Massachusetts Bay and did not return for the remaining nine years of his life.

      His writings, though fragmentary, are of great value to historians of the Plymouth colony. His Glorious Progress of the Gospel Amongst the Indians in New England (1649) led to the founding of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in New England.

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