Tana River

Tana River
River, Kenya.

The country's longest river, it rises in the Aberdare Range and flows in a curve northeast, east, and south 440 mi (708 km) to the Indian Ocean. It is navigable by small craft for about 150 mi (240 km) upstream.
River, northeastern Norway.

It flows 224 mi (360 km) north and northeast to empty into Tana Fjord, an inlet of the Arctic Ocean on the northeastern coast of Norway. The river forms a section of the boundary between Norway and Finland.

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      river, Kenya, flowing 440 miles (708 km) from its headwaters in the Aberdare Range and Mount Kenya to the Indian Ocean. Taking a northeasterly course at first, the river plunges over the Kitaru (Seven Forks) Falls (440 feet [134 m]) into a semidesert landscape that constitutes its middle course. Describing a wide arc, the Tana then veers south and opens into a wide valley, where it meanders through a floodplain subject to inundations. Kenya's longest river, it reaches the Indian Ocean at Formosa Bay, Kipini, but a former outlet lies 20 miles (32 km) southwest.

      The river is navigable by small craft for about 150 miles (240 km) upstream, often with difficulty. In the upper catchment, Sasumua Dam provides water for Nairobi. Kindaruma, at Seven Forks, is the site of a hydroelectric project, and an irrigation project at Embu provides water for rice cultivation.

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