Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
or Mounties

Federal police force of Canada.

It is also the criminal and provincial force in all provinces except Ontario and Quebec and the only force in the Yukon, Northwest, and Nunavut territories. It was founded as the North West Mounted Police (1873) with a force of 300 men to bring order to western Canada, where U.S. traders were creating havoc by trading whiskey to the Indians for furs. That success was followed by peacekeeping in the Klondike gold rush (1898) and later settlement of the west. The group assumed its current name in 1920, when it became a federal force and its headquarters were moved to Ottawa.

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, formerly (until 1920)  North West Mounted Police , byname  Mounties 

      Canada's federal police force. It is also the provincial and criminal police establishment in all provinces except Ontario and Quebec and the only police force in the Yukon and Northwest territories. It is responsible for Canadian internal security as well.

      Founded in 1873, it was originally called the North West Mounted Rifles, but the reaction of the United States to the idea of an armed force patrolling the border caused the name to be changed to the North West Mounted Police. The force's first installation was Fort McLeod, in the province of Alberta, and it was the only authority for 300,000 square miles (800,000 square km) of wilderness. The original force of 300 men was sent to deal with traders from the United States who were creating havoc among the Indians by trading cheap whiskey for buffalo hides. With a combination of tact and dogged persistence, the Mounties succeeded in driving these men back across the border and pacifying the Indians. Their just treatment of the Indians resulted in the neutrality of the powerful Blackfoot Confederacy during the Riel Rebellion of 1885.

      As the only authority in the region, the force assumed a wide variety of duties. Under its surveillance, the western extension of the Canadian Pacific Railway was completed in 1885. Anticipating the gold rush of 1898, the Mounties preceded the first wave of prospectors to the Yukon. As more than 300,000 settlers poured into Canada after the turn of the 20th century, the Mounties were of considerable assistance to those inexperienced in wilderness survival. In 1904 the prefix “Royal” was added to their name, and in 1920, when it became a federal force throughout Canada, the present name was adopted, and the headquarters were moved from Regina to Ottawa.

      In the 1930s the marine and air divisions, the dog section, and the first of three crime-detection laboratories were added to the force. Between 1940 and 1942, the RCMP vessel St. Roch became the first ship to complete the west-to-east journey through the Northwest Passage and, upon returning east-to-west in 1944, was first to make the trip in both directions.

      The facilities of the national police service of the RCMP—crime-detection laboratories and the identification branch of the force—are available to all authorized police forces. The RCMP-sponsored Canadian Police College is attended by selected members of the force and outside forces. The RCMP is a member of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol).

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