Pap smear

Pap smear
or Papanicolaou smear

Sample of cells from the vagina and cervix of the uterus for laboratory staining and examination to detect genital herpes and early-stage cancer, especially of the cervix.

Developed by the Greek-born U.S. physician George Nicolas Papanicolaou (1883–1962), this technique also can be applied to cells obtained from other surfaces.

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also called  Papanicolaou smear 

      laboratory method (gynecological examination) of obtaining secretions from the cervix for the examination of cast-off epithelial cells to detect the presence of cancer. The Pap smear, named for Greek-born American physician George Papanicolaou, is notably reliable in detecting the early stages of cancer in the uterine cervix. Two specimens are usually taken for laboratory staining and examination, one consisting of vaginal secretions and the other of scrapings of the surface of the cervix, at the site where cancerous growth frequently originates. The Pap smear may reveal malignant cells not only from the cervix but also from the endometrium (the mucous coat of the uterus) and the ovaries. The traditional Pap smear, in which cells are literally smeared directly onto a glass slide, is now less common than the Pap test, in which the cells are first placed in a liquid medium before processing. The latter method has the advantage of allowing the laboratory technician to centrifuge the cells and to filter blood, mucus, and debris that can make slide interpretation difficult.

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