Paoli, Pasquale

Paoli, Pasquale
born April 26, 1725, Stretta di Morosaglia, Corsica
died Feb. 5, 1807, London, Eng.

Corsican patriot.

Son of Giacinto Paoli, who led the Corsicans against Genoa in 1735, he lived with his father in exile in Naples (1739–55). On his return, he overcame the Genoese faction and was elected to rule Corsica. He suppressed the vendetta system, substituted order and justice, and instituted national schools. He continued the fight for independence, but after France invaded Corsica in 1769 he fled to England, where he lived until 1790. Recalled to Corsica as military commandant, he expelled the French with British naval support (1794) and offered the island's sovereignty to England. He retired to England in 1795.

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▪ Corsican statesman
born April 26, 1725, Stretta di Morosaglia, Corsica
died Feb. 5, 1807, London
 Corsican statesman and patriot who was responsible for ending Genoese rule of Corsica and for establishing enlightened rule and reforms.

      The son of Giacinto Paoli, who led the Corsicans against Genoa from 1735, Pasquale followed his father into exile at Naples in 1739, studying at the military academy there and preparing to continue the fight for Corsican independence. In 1755 he returned to Corsica and, after overcoming the Genoese faction, was elected to executive power under a constitution more democratic than any other in Europe. For the next nine years, under the principles of enlightened despotism, he transformed Corsica, first by suppressing the system of vendetta and substituting order and justice, then by encouraging mining, building up a naval fleet, and instituting national schools and a university. At the same time he continued the war, first against Genoa and after 1764 against Genoa's ally, France. France bought Corsica in 1768 and invaded the island and defeated the nationalists in 1769. Paoli fled to England, received a pension from George III, and lived in London for the next 20 years.

      Appointed lieutenant general and military commandant during the French Revolution, Paoli returned to Corsica in July 1790. Breaking with France in 1793, he once more led the fight for independence and, with British naval support, expelled the French in 1794. He then offered the sovereignty of Corsica to George III, who accepted and sent Sir Gilbert Elliot as viceroy. Elliot in turn chose not Paoli but Pozzo di Borgo as his chief adviser. Disappointed and not wishing to cause internal strife, Paoli retired to England in 1795, where he received a British government pension.

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