Min River

Min River
River, Sichuan province, south-central China.

Rising in the Min Mountains of northern Sichuan, it flows southward along the western side of the Sichuan Basin and empties into the Yangtze River (Chang Jiang) at Yibin. It is navigable for most of its 350-mi (560-km) course.
River, central Fujian province, southeastern China.

Rising in the mountains near the Fujian-Jiangxi border, it flows southeast to empty into the China Sea after a course of 358 mi (577 km). The arrival of a railway system in 1957 increased its use for navigation, and there are transshipment points along it.

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Chinese (Pinyin)  Min Jiang  or  (Wade-Giles romanization)  Min Chiang 

      river in Fujian (Fukien) province, southeastern China. The Min River and its various tributaries rise in the mountains along the Fujian-Jiangxi (Kiangsi) border and flow to the East China Sea through the mountain ranges that traverse the province from southwest to northeast. The resulting flows have produced a trellislike drainage pattern, with lateral tributaries following the direction of the valleys. The name Min, though commonly used for the whole system, properly applies only to the lower course of the river below Nanping, where it cuts through the coastal ranges. Above this are the headwaters—the Futun and Jin rivers, which flow from the mountain ranges to the west—and two tributaries that drain the major interior valley basin of the province, the Sha River (flowing from the southwest through Yong'an and Sanming) and the Jian River (flowing from the northern mountains along the Jiangxi-Zhejiang (Chekiang) border). The river's total length is about 360 miles (580 km), and the area of its drainage basin is about 21,600 square miles (56,000 square km).

      The Min River was formerly of little use for navigation, though its upper tributaries above Nanping carried considerable junk traffic. In the 1950s the lower course of the river entering the sea below Fuzhou was cleared for navigation by small ships up to 80 tons. Since 1957, however, a railroad has provided a link between the central valley and the coastal ports of Xiamen (Amoy) and Fuzhou; as a result, Nanping and Sanming have become transshipment points where goods are transferred from river vessels to freight trains.

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