Ancient city, Central Asia.

Lying near the modern town of Mary (formerly Merv) in Turkmenistan, it is mentioned in ancient Persian texts as Mouru and in cuneiform inscriptions as Margu and was the seat of a satrapy (province) of the Persian Achaemenian dynasty. Under the Arabs in the 7th century AD, it was rebuilt and served as a base for Muslim expansion into Central Asia. A great centre of Islamic learning under the caliphs of the Abbāsid dynasty, it reached its zenith under the Seljūq sultan Sanjar (r. 1118–59). It was destroyed by the Mongols in 1221 then rebuilt in the 17th century. It was occupied by the Russian Empire in 1884.
(as used in expressions)
Griffin Merv Edward
St. Mary
Baylis Lilian Mary
Bethune Mary Jane McLeod
Mary Jane McLeod
Blyton Enid Mary
Cartland Dame Mary Barbara Hamilton
Cassatt Mary
Chesnut Mary
Mary Boykin Miller
Christie Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa
de Havilland Olivia Mary
Dodge Mary Mapes
Mary Elizabeth Mapes
Earhart Amelia Mary
Eddy Mary Baker
Mary Morse Baker
Mary Ann Evans
Elizabeth Alexandra Mary
Evans Dame Edith Mary
Haas Mary Rosamond
Hodgkin Dorothy Mary
Dorothy Mary Crowfoot
Jones Mary Harris
Mary Harris
Vivian Mary Hartley
Lyon Mary Mason
Legion of Mary Church
Martin Mary Virginia
Mary Magdalene Saint
Mary Queen of Scots
McCarthy Mary Therese
Montagu Lady Mary Wortley
Lady Mary Pierrepont
Moore Mary Tyler
Anna Mary Robertson
O'Connor Mary Flannery
Pickford Mary
Gladys Mary Smith
Price Mary Violet Leontyne
Quant Mary
Retton Mary Lou
Robinson Mary
Mary Bourke
Rowlandson Mary
Mary White
Victoria Mary Sackville West
Shelley Mary Wollstonecraft
Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin
Smyth Dame Ethel Mary
Mary Louise Streep
Mary Mallon
Ward Barbara Mary Baroness Jackson of Lodsworth
William and Mary College of
Williams Mary Lou
Mary Elfrieda Scruggs
Wollstonecraft Mary
Mary Kathryn Wright
House of the Hospitallers of Saint Mary of the Teutons

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▪ ancient city, Turkmenistan
      ancient city of Central Asia lying near the modern town of Mary, Mary oblast (province), Turkmenistan. Mentioned in ancient Persian texts as Mouru and in cuneiform inscriptions as Margu, it was the seat of a satrapy of the Persian Achaemenid Empire. Under the Arabs in the 7th century the city was rebuilt as the capital of Khorāsān and served as a base for Muslim expansion into Central Asia and later China. A great centre of Islāmic learning under the ʿAbbāsid caliphs, Merv attained the zenith of its glory as capital of the Seljuq sultan Sanjar (reigned 1118–57) and his successors. Destroyed by the Mongols in 1221, the city and its irrigation system were rebuilt in the 15th century, but it never regained its former prosperity. Merv was under the Tekke Turkmens when it was occupied by the Russians in 1884.

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